Kat, 21 years old, East Asian Studies major, looking to pursue languages and international development. I like a lot of stuff so sit a while and chill!
Kat's Nest
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Kat. 21. Toronto, Canada. Aspiring polyglot. General geekery and dinosaurs. Lusting after hunks. Let's be fronds! ♦Currently Reading: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy♦Currently Playing: Mass Effect 3♦Current Anime: Pokemon♦Current Drama: Bambino!, The Legend of Bruce Lee

Why. Ow

I bear sprayed myself

Update it actually is bear spray

I found some bear spray so I feel better now

I fuckin feel like a terrible person for profiling this black dude who got up in my grill when I got off the bus this evening. But fucking seriously don’t approach me on the street when it’s dark and expect me to trust you and be nice like fuck just leave me alone

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